Defining Your Mission: The Key to Success

Most companies know how important it is to have a clearly articulated “mission” or “purpose” statement.   A good mission statement gives everyone a clear sense of direction and focus. But many companies still don’t know how to communicate their mission, or how to hire people who align with the mission.

Preparing for the Apollo XI mission to the moon, workers involved at all levels were averaging 30-50% increases in productivity. Adequate to good performers were suddenly doing great work, yet they were paid poorly and the working conditions were lousy. Why were so many people doing the best work in their lives? …. Because they had a mission. They were part of making something happen that people had been talking about for years.
– Charles Garfield, Peak Performers: The New Heroes of American Business

The company mission compels an organization to answer questions such as: “what is our business? Why do we exist? And what are we trying to accomplish?”   A well-developed mission statement describes the purpose of a company. It describes the product or service sold, and who buys it and why.

The employer’s challenge is in clearly defining the mission for a position and relating it to the larger organizational mission.   Each position has a unique mission that contributes to fulfilling the company’s mission statement. The best employers consistently communicate a strategic mission and vision that both inspires enthusiasm and high performance, and attracts and keeps high performers.

If you’re a candidate interviewing with employers, do you consider whether the organization’s mission aligns with your own personal mission?

Ideally, you will find employment in a place where your own unique mission fits well within the broader mission.   With awareness of the organization’s mission, you can decide if the corporate mission is something you can commit to.  Can you clearly state to an employer what your own personal mission is?   Can you communicate to prospective employers how your personal mission is a fit with their corporate mission?

When interviewing, the employer is determining how well a candidate will be able to execute their individual mission, and contribute to the organization’s mission.  A candidate should be prepared to answer interview questions related to their own, and the employer’s mission. Some interview questions include:

At the interview, ask the employer questions such as these:

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