How a TO-DO List Silently Boosts Your Efficiency

Time is money.  As a business owner, or manager, in order to be competitive today, you must quickly learn to sort through the multitude of tasks facing you each day and narrow down to only the key revenue-generating activities, while letting the majority of the “noise” fade away.

How you work and your effectiveness in managing a multitude of duties and information can make the main difference between having a profitable business, or getting promoted.

The Strength of To-Do Lists

By writing down your goals, you are much more likely to get those things done.

How much more most likely? Research shows that people who write down their goals are about two times as likely to achieve them as those who do not. And if you count those who write down their goals but don’t quite fulfill them, they still get a lot closer than they’d have if they hadn’t written them down in the first place.

This research is true in long-term goals like building your dream house or traveling the world – but exactly what does all of this have to do with daily To-Do listings?

Well, what is a To-Do list but a list of goals for the day? Which means by writing your daily goals list on paper, you’re a lot more than twice as likely to make significant process towards checking individuals tasks off than should you just flew by the seat of your pants. Here are some tips to help you create do-able, effective To-Do lists:

1. Make it Reasonable.

We’re all too familiar with the endless To-Do checklist, the one with dozens of items, more than you could accomplish inside a week, let alone a day. While writing every single thing you have to do down on a list may make you are feeling like you’re getting your existence under control, it’s actually counterproductive. Not only will critical tasks get lost in the pile, you can become overcome with the sheer volume of stuff you have to accomplish.

2. Make it Specific.

One of the biggest problems with To-Do listings is that people write down projects versus tasks. Anything that goes on your daily To-Do list should be something you can actually accomplish, such as “Call John about product release programs,” instead of “Finalize product release.”

Here are five tips for keeping your attention on the “Important” rather than the “Urgent”

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