7 Steps to Simplifying Your Life – Starting Today!

Is “Success in Work” related to simplifying? Demands and deadlines are an inherent characteristic of modern life, often leading to an unsustainable work-life balance. Success may aid an affluent lifestyle, yet it is often at the expense of healthy well-being. Simplifying areas of your life can seem impossible, particularly when demands upon your time and expertise is great.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.
– Henry David Thoreau

These Seven Steps to Simplifying Your Life will allow you to distinguish the unnecessary from the obligatory, thus relieving stress and creating more “you” time.

1. Know Your Priorities:

Prioritising is a concept used by spiritualists to create “Zen” within their lives, that is; creating calm through focusing on what truly matters, and mapping priorities. Are you focused?

A simple method to identifying your key priorities is the creation of a list. Your list should encompass obligatory priorities, such as family, however; should not neglect your own realistic needs and aims.

  • Who are the people most important to you?

Do you allocate enough time to the relationships you have with people closest to you?

  • What gives you the greatest sense of meaning or purpose?

Is it achievement, providing for your children, your career or charitable gestures?

  • What is it you truly want from life?

Success, wealth, happiness, enrichment, family, career progression? .

  • What personal accomplishments will fulfil you?

What achievements would contribute to your own happiness?

Once compiled, your list will identify the areas of your life to which, you devote too much time and effort. Post your list somewhere you visit frequently, whether it be a on your office wall, or refrigerator. In times of stress, reading these priorities will reaffirm the people and goals most important to you.

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