Sample Resume Proposal Letter

Mr. James Jones
Jones Restaurant
2197 E. 8th Street
City, CA 90000

Dear Mr. Jones,
I would like to make a proposal to you – regarding the advertised position of [insert title].

As firm believer in delivering results first, I would be delighted to assume the role of manager on a trial basis, and if you determine that I have not achieved the following results with 60-90 days, I will immediately tender my resignation:

• Develop …
• Implement …
• Increase …
[insert results you believe you can achieve]

During my six years as Hospitality Manager with the prestigious [Restaurant / Hotel name],
I achieved the following results:

  • Developing a customer-focused culture, communicating it to staff, and ensuring that they lived the famed [company name] values
  • Increasing the profit margin by 22%, over a two year period
  • Implementing streamlined cashing-up procedures, which reduced weekly cash losses by 9%

I have a wealth of qualifications, including a Degree in Hospitality Management… [insert qualifications/education/training].

I am confident that I bring highly competent and experienced leadership to your team – and
so, I am offering my services – at no risk to you.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this proposal.
Yours sincerely,

John P. Smith

P.S. As you can see from the attached resume, I have extensive industry experience, and excellent references.

[attach resume and a page listing personal “testimonials” / references with contact info]

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