Researching on the Internet

The key to finding the information you need about your industry and competitors is knowing where to look. Use this brief list of online sources to help with your research projects.

Search engines
While Google may own the majority of searches on the internet, with Yahoo and MSN in second and third place, using some of the lessor known search engines can generate new information. Try these other search engines: (Sources the Dow Jones and Reuters databases.)

Online encyclopedias are quick sources of information:

Marketing data: The Lifestyle Market Analyst, published by SRDS and Equifax, provides market analysis of potential local, regional and national audiences. Use The Lifestyle Market Analyst to obtain data compiled from more than 15 million households.

Copyrights and patents:

The Congressional Quarterly’s Washington Information Directory (WID) 2007-2008
A one-stop source for information on U.S. governmental and non-governmental organizations, the WID provides capsule descriptions that help users quickly and easily find the right person at the right organization, The WID can be purchased on for $128.

Business credit ratings, indices, investment research and data, go to Standard and Poors:

US Industrial Outlook – trends and forecasting:

Gale Group (part of Cengage Learning), a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, businesses and information technologists. Gale provides more than 600 databases annually, which are published in print, online and in such portable media as CD-ROM. Gale’s Market Share Reporter (2008 Editor retails for $525) affords an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources

Lexis Nexis publishes an Encyclopedia of Associations:
The Encyclopedia of Associations is a comprehensive source of detailed information on over 135,000 nonprofit membership organizations worldwide, published by Gale.

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