Peter Drucker’s 5 Most Important Questions For Getting Things Done

The Five Most Important Questions

You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization

In the 1990’s Peter Drucker published a self-assessment tool titled, The 5 Most Important Questions.

One of Drucker’s many legacies is the New York-based Leader to Leader Institute, an organization that focuses on developing leadership in the social sector.  Leader to Leader Institute recently enlisted some big names to expand on Drucker’s 5 questions, and published their essays in The Five Most Important Questions

You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization.

Peter Drucker’s five questions, and the authors who discuss them:

  • What is our Mission?  (with Jim Collins)
  • Who is our Customer? (with Phil Kotler)
  • What does the Customer Value?  (with Jim Kouzes)
  • What are our Results? (with Judith Rodin)
  • What is our Plan? (with V. Kasturi Rangan)

The questions and ideas presented in this book will generate discussion, action and change within any organization committed to entering this conversation.

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