New Employee Orientation Tips

Employee orientation can be an exciting time for a new employee, but it can also be a stressful time. The new employee is learning about the new job they will be doing and is getting acquainted with the people they will be working for and with. They learn all of the policies, procedures, company origin, goals, and the many rules regarding the particular job they will be doing. In addition to the customary company tour, there is the training and then the part where the new employee is integrated into their new work environment.

A lot is to be done when a new employee is to be placed within a company, so it is in the company’s best interest to make this procedure as smooth as possible and to make sure the employee gets the most out of their orientation. A company doesn’t want their new employee to question their decision to join the company at the end of the first day. Unfortunately, so many facts and figures packed in that first day is a very common mistake made by companies in their orientation process.

So how can the orientation process be made to not scare new employees away? Here’s some tips:

-Don’t show hours of boring orientation videos. Divide them up by days. Hours of boring videos can bore the employee to the point they aren’t going to get anything out of them anyway.

-Don’t have someone standing in front of the room giving lengthy lectures. This can also bore the employee to the point they aren’t going to remember much of anything said. If orientation is done in a classroom with a number of new hires, it is good to use class participation by playing a game to review the material talked about.

-Do have everything prepared such as e-mail address, employee handbooks, job description, and any supplies needed to perform the necessary job functions.

-Make that first day of work seem like a celebrated thing because it is. This person is taking a new step in their life, so let them know it is a good thing and that you’re glad they are there.

-Let the employee take a break from lectures, videos, and handbooks to observe the job they will be doing. This will let them know what to expect and to have the right frame of mind during the remainder of their orientation.

-Have the new employee meet with someone different each day of the orientation. Through this, the employee can become familiar with the different people within the company and their functions. Again, this gives a break from ongoing lectures and videos. This prevents boredom from setting in.

-Get feedback from the employee. This lets them have a hand in improving the company orientation process, therefore makes them feel more a part of the company.

These processes can make for a less boring and more successful employee orientation. As a result, the company will have a less nervous new employee who is able to listen carefully to the goals of the company. Through a more comfortable orientation, the employee will also strive to succeed for the company that welcomed them with open arms.


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