Increase Your Productivity with RescueTime

by Constance Bourg

How do you divide your time during a working day? If at the end of the day, or a working week, you can’t say exactly how you allocated your time to different tasks, you can use an online tool, like RescueTime, to gain more insight into your working process. This will enable you to streamline the process and free up more valuable time. Yes, RescueTime is a time management tool, and best of all, there is a free version available, called RescueTime Lite.

The tool, developed by Seattle based company RescueTime, helps knowledge workers (people who work with large amounts of information) to work more efficiently. The online world is full of distractions, so staying on a productive path can be challenging. Seeing that every business owner or freelancer is a knowledge worker, you too can use the tool to track and analyze your performance.

The difference between this tool and others that are available online is that tracking happens automatically once you have downloaded and installed a small application. No data entry is necessary, so the tool truly saves you time.

If you want to know where your day went, RescueTime will show you how much time you spent on emailing, social networking, blogging, or doing paperwork. To see the results you simply log into your personal page on the company’s website. At the end of a working week, you will receive an email detailing how you divided your time during that week.

The results could lead to having to face up to the truth about how much time you spend on social networking sites, doing things other than promoting your business. However, the outcome will help you to set new goals and to work out a more productive schedule. You can download the application on the company’s website,

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 Short Summary

Increase your productivity with RescueTime, a free tool that will track time spent working on different online tasks. Tracking happens automatically, so you don’t need to enter any data yourself. RescueTime is a professional time management tool that can help you to streamline your working process.


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