Is Your Interview Performance Helping or Hurting?

If you’re a candidate, we hope you are preparing for the interview before you sit down with a hiring manager. Part of your preparation should include considering the kinds of questions you will be asked at the interview, and then thinking through your answers well in advance of the interview.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle

Employers have become more savvy interviewers in recent years, and take more time making hiring decisions than they once did. Candidates today often go through a series of interviews and reference checks that can go on for a few months before an offer is made.

At the interview, you must show the employer why you are the best hire. Have you done your homework on the employer’s business and industry? Do you know the competition? Do you know what the employer’s needs are?

Equally important, how well can you talk about yourself, including your background experience – both the positives and the negatives? First, identify your competencies and be ready to talk about how you have demonstrated each competency.

A checklist for identifying knowledge base & competencies:

* Administrative
* Change management
* Competitive pressures
* Conflict management
* Coaching and counseling
* Communication
* Computer literacy
* Customer service
* Decision making
* Finance
* Human Resources
* Industry-related
* Leadership
* Management theory & practice
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Operations
* Labor/union negotiation
* Performance management
* Problem-solving
* Project management
* Public speaking
* Team-building
* Recruiting / hiring
* Relationship-building
* Sales
* Strategic planning
* Succession planning
* Technical skills
* Time management

To help you prepare for the interview, and answer the myriad of questions you will be asked, see: 200 Great Interview Questions …continued in Ebook: Success in Work

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