How to Use Postcards for Self Promotion

In today’s market, most are focused on using websites and articles to promote their business online. As the internet continues to expand, failing to cultivate an online marketing strategy could prove fatal.

However, building a business online should not distract you from traditional marketing methods, because meeting people, networking, and relying upon your local area is still a solid foundation for any marketing campaign.

Offline advertising still generates interest and helps you to attracet new clients. With this in mind, how do you go back to basics and spread the word? Direct Mail? Telemarketing? Radio? Posters?

  • The sophistication of modern postcard printing processes means that high-resolution, colorful designs can be used to create instant impact. Instead of cheap, low-quality fliers, you can include a detailed marketing message explaining why clients should use your services.
  • Printed postcards are a great way to run a low-key campaign. If you blow your budget on a high-profile magazine or newspaper advertising campaign, your competition will know exactly what you are doing. Postcards help to keep you one step ahead
  • If you already have a corporate identity for your website and business, with certain colors and logos, you can use this on your postcards. This helps to create a strong brand identity and help you to spread awareness.
  • Unlike bulk mail and letters, postcards are always read, even if it is just on the way to the trashcan. This quick glance is enough to make potential clients aware of your business, especially if you promote your business identity.
  • A postcard is easy to slip into a pocket or bag, rather than being crumpled up and thrown into the trash. If you include something useful, such as a calendar or helpful tips related to your industry, on the reverse, then people may decide to keep them.
  • Postcards are an excellent way to monitor your advertising campaigns. As an example, you could state that there is a ‘10% Discount with this Card.’ You can then count how many people bring the card to your business or enter the promotional code onto your website, giving you an idea of success of your campaign. This will allow you to refine your strategy and focus upon profitable areas.
  • Postcards are cheap to deliver if you think laterally. One trick used by businesses with experience in delivering postcards is casual labor; college students wanting a little pocket money could be hired to deliver cards. For many years, nightclubs have hired greeters to hand out cards in the street, with great success, and there is no reason why other businesses cannot do the same.
  • You can run a focused campaign and deliver to areas where you draw most of your business. Focus your campaign in your local area with the added benefit of telling your prospects you are local. In the wake of the economic crisis, consumers increasingly see the benefits of dealing face-to-face.
  • Postcards allow cross-business marketing, taking advantage of the growing movement to set up local cooperatives. As an example, if you run a hotel, you could ask local restaurants, bars, and other businesses to display a stack of your postcards, and offer to return the favor.
  • Postcards are now very cheap and easily available, so you can find a great deal if you look online or at local businesses.

Printed Postcards – A Level Playing Field

For small and medium businesses, and candidates hoping to get their message to a hiring manager, printed postcards are a cost-effective way to reach your audience. Your well-written postcard easily and quickly puts your marketing message in to the hands of many prospects.

The Power of Printed Postcards

A surprising number of people have never thought of using postcards as a marketing tool, and still believe that they are purely for sending messages from vacations in the sun. In fact, postcards are one of the most versatile mediums for sending out a strong message and building a vibrant, memorable advertising campaign. Postcards are one tool that small businesses can use to compete with big business, through focused and highly targeted campaigns. Here are 10 advantages of using postcards for advertising.

Use Printed Postcards in your Job Search

Postcards have another use, as an advertisement for those seeking employment, creating a powerful statement that is difficult for employers to ignore. As we discussed in a previous newsletter, job hunting is a matter of acting professionally and standing out from the crowd.

Many people have picked up the very good habit of attaching a business card to job-applications and resumes, in addition to creating a website or blog as an online resume / portfolio and projecting an image of professionalism. You can take this one step further and, instead of a business card, try including a postcard with your resume, with a bullet point list of your skills and achievements and a mission statement. Or, send out your postcard, rather than your resume.

This type of attention to detail displays professionalism and shows that you are prepared to go a stage further, displaying the type of initiative and determination that employers love. Give it a try – you will be surprised by the results, especially if you include your website address.

If hiring a professional graphic designer is an expense beyond your budget, try using one of the templates offered by many of the online printing companies, such as VistaPrint . . . Simply insert your text, and away you go!

Checklist for Writing & Designing Your Postcard

Visual Design
One simple, powerful, colorful visual works best. Don’t clutter the message with too many images, which distract the reader.
___ Include lots of space around your text for quick and easy reading.
___ Include a powerful benefit statement headline.

Postcard Content

When writing copy for your postcard, use these questions to help clarify and write your marketing message:

…continued in Ebook: Success in Work

Resource:  Online Postcard Service

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