How To Identify Performance Gaps

Identifying Performance Gaps is a Critical Management Skill. A skilled manager has honed his or her ability to spot opportunities and problems early, and develop solutions to problems. This is a critical management skill that can make the difference between success and failure in work.

Big Picture Questions

Step back and ask yourself some basic questions about what you’re doing, such as:
•  How does what I’m doing solve the problem?
•  How does it advance my thinking?
•  Is it the most important thing I could be doing right now?
•  If what I am doing is not helping, why am I doing it?

Can you quickly see where the performance ‘gaps’ in your area of responsibility are occurring and implement the solutions that resolve these gaps?

Identify a Problem

Questions to ask when identifying a problem:
• Is the issue causing pain in the organization?
• How do I know it’s a “problem”?
• Who else sees this issue as a problem?
• How are business metrics impacted by this issue?
• What would happen if I did nothing about this issue?
• What will be the benefits to the company and/or the business unit if the issue is successfully addressed?
• Is the problem “leverageable” (can a significant improvement be made with minimum effort?)
• Describe what the situation should/could be if the issue were resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

3 Step Performance Gap Model

In simple terms, a performance “gap” is the difference between what IS happening and what could/should be happening. This easy 3-step model can help you identify and organize your analysis of performance gaps:
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