The FAST Way to Get Someone to Hire You

Do you want to get more interviews, or get the job offer, faster? If so, you must start with the understanding that getting hired for any job requires that you prove to the employer that you’re the one to hire. But first, you must prove to the hiring manager that they should want to meet you.

Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.
– Warren G. Bennis

If you want to get the employer’s attention, become an expert in their business and familiar with what their needs are. Then tell the employer how you can make their business more successful.

To get hired faster, start doing the work that’s needed before you get the job. For example, if you want to get hired for a sales or marketing position. Research the company you want to work for, create a marketing plan, research the competition, and bring leads to the interview.

Looking for a job in management, information technology, graphic design, for example? You could research the prospective employer’s products and services on the internet, and then write a list of possible improvements based on what you find and what you’ve done in other positions.

Are you a teacher or training manager? Prepare a sample course that is relevant to the employer, then deliver a short lesson in the interview. Are you a writer? Research and write a report about the prospective employer and bring it to the interview. Your task is to communicate your shared mission, vision, and ambition, and to present yourself in such a way that people say, “I need you!”

Eliminate your competition by doing your homework. With enough research, preparation and self-confidence, you can create the opportunity you desire. When you meet an employer, don’t wait for their questions or information about their business. Co-lead the interview process.

The interviewer shouldn’t have to find reasons to hire you. With proper preparation, you can convince the hiring manager that they need you.

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