7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Brand Message

Personal branding was just an idea in the ’90s when Tom Peters wrote one of the first articles about personal branding (in Fast Company magazine). Since then, personal branding has become essential.

…the core of branding, beyond telling truth, is to be true to yourself.
– Dr. Seamus Phan, author of DotZen

A brand is not a logo or an advertising strategy. Branding is the communication of you, your company, service, or product and the value it stands for and the feeling that customers consistently get from your brand.

In a nutshell, branding yourself is about knowing what you do, and why you do it. Creating your brand requires you to be crystal clear about who you are – it’s about knowing your own power and value. And then consistently communicating it.

Businesses know that marketing is about providing customers with what they need. Their brand message is all about communicating that they fill the customer’s needs. The same is true when selling yourself to employers. Are you consistently communicating who you are (your personal brand) to employers – so that they’ll want to ‘buy’ you?

People you meet will quickly form an opinion about you. So the challenge is to consistently communicate who you are (your brand) so that the opinion that people have of you is positive. A personal brand message can help you do this.

A personal brand message helps you:
– Differentiate yourself from your competition
– Anchor your message in the hearts & minds of people
– Be consistent in the career choices you make
– Communicate about yourself consistently & clearly
– Project credibility
– Strengthen your reputation

What’s in your Brand
Items in your personal brand identity portfolio include your:
– name / company name
– title
– address
– office space
– business card & resume
– personal style
– speaking style
– presentations
– website

Your brand is a promise of the value your employer or clients will receive. For example: Are you a good leader? A good relationship-builder? Do you anticipate and solve problems before they become crises? Does your employer save money just by having you on the team? Do you complete projects on time and within budget?

To become a brand, you’ve got to become relentlessly focused on what you do that adds value. Most importantly, a brand must be real, it must deliver what it promises.

While your image is important, your image must be an authentic reflection of your brand and your core values.

How to Create a Personal Branding Statement

Try writing a brief statement about who you are and the value that you bring to employers. Start by answering these questions:

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