How to Avoid Being a Square Peg in A Corporate Culture Circle

Corporate culture fit is essential to your success in work. Have you ever worked in a company where you just didn’t fit in? Most people in their job searches don’t spend enough time evaluating whether the corporate culture of a prospective employer is a good fit for their own personality and workstyle.

Do You Fit the Corporate Culture?

If a company culture is a poor fit, chances are your success will be elusive, the position won’t work out and you’ll be back in the job market in short time. So the challenge for you, as a job seeker, is in finding those employer cultures that will fit you well and provide the environment where you will succeed.

Simply stated, corporate culture is the personality of the organization. It includes the core values and rules of behavior and is expressed in the office design/decor, communication systems, dress code, and organizational structure. Corporate culture affects how people think, interact with each other, behave and feel.

Savvy employers (and interviewers) know that a candidate will not fit well in every culture. And since every company has a culture that makes them unique, they seek to hire the people that will succeed within their unique culture. While employers today are doing a better job of selecting people that fit well within their corporate culture, some still fail to hire the best candidate because they haven’t clearly understood their own culture.

Corporate Culture is created and influenced by the leadership and maintained by the shared values and practices of the people working within the organization. 

Examples of culture:
Structured/ Unstructured – Formal/Casual – Laid back/Rigorous – Linear/Reactionary – Tranquil/Chaotic – Loose/Rigid Organized/Disorganized – Creative/Restrictive
Hierarchical / Flat – Nurturing/Draconian

Frankly, you may never really know the corporate culture until you’ve worked within it for a few months. But you can, and should, know something about the culture and whether it will fit for you before you ‘hire’ your next employer.

When interviewing potential employers, candidates must first understand the organization’s culture. Second, you must determine whether they will fit within that culture. Finally, you should know whether a particular culture will support your performance.

Before an interview, you can arrive a little early. Use this time to observe the environment and how employees interact with each other.

One of the ways to learn about a prospective employer’s culture is to ask direct questions about the culture, such as: …continued in the Ebook

Candidates should be prepared to answer questions about how they’ll fit in the culture. Some examples of questions you may be asked on the interview include:

…continued in Ebook: Success in Work

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