Coaching in the Workplace – The Right Approach

Coaching in the Workplace is rapidly increasing in popularity and scope, becoming an integral part of any long-term strategy. Business leaders are adopting one simple principle that athletic performers have known for generations:

Personal attention and coaching is the best way to maximize performance potential and create more success.

Why is Coaching Needed at Work?

Coaching is the best way to help leaders manage the demands of a changing society. Companies demand sustained growth, and the resulting burden of stress falls upon the leaders and managers. Leaders must juggle their precious time, meeting increased expectations while also downsizing.

A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.
– Ara Parasheghian, American College Football Coach

The equation is simple: If you need better results, with a smaller staff, you need to ensure that every individual performs to the peak of their potential.

A coach guides, supports and encourages personal and professional growth. Many organizations understand the value of coaching, and they have developed robust in-house coaching programs.

A good coach helps people to highlight the gaps in their own performance, and increases their productivity by that critical few extra percent. Personal insight and change can happen, but require the optimum coaching environment and business culture.

The Benefits & Outcomes of Coaching
The First Step to Creating a Coaching Environment
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