Today’s Customer Service Expectations: Going the Extra TWO Miles

Customer service continues to enter the public awareness, as consumers continue to have more choices and, in a down economy, even more competition for their business.

Yet many customers see past the low price offers and advertising campaigns, and are willing to pay more in order to receive outstanding service. Even if budgets are tight, service to customers can’t be compromised.
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Customer Complaints – How To Turn Them Into Profits

In any service-oriented business, customer complaints are an unavoidable part of the territory.

However exceptional your customer service culture, and however well intentioned, there are going to be occasions where you receive a complaint. Many complaints are customers blowing off steam because they have had a bad day, and all that you can do is listen and try to help as best you can.
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Making New Sales: It Always Comes Back to This

Making new sales is the lifeblood of any business, as the easiest way to increase profits and grow. As any sales veteran will tell you, succeeding in sales requires a combination of personal traits and skills.
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Peter Drucker’s 5 Most Important Questions For Getting Things Done

The Five Most Important Questions

You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization

In the 1990’s Peter Drucker published a self-assessment tool titled, The 5 Most Important Questions.

One of Drucker’s many legacies is the New York-based Leader to Leader Institute, an organization that focuses on developing leadership in the social sector.  Leader to Leader Institute recently enlisted some big names to expand on Drucker’s 5 questions, and published their essays in The Five Most Important Questions

You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization.

Peter Drucker’s five questions, and the authors who discuss them:

  • What is our Mission?  (with Jim Collins)
  • Who is our Customer? (with Phil Kotler)
  • What does the Customer Value?  (with Jim Kouzes)
  • What are our Results? (with Judith Rodin)
  • What is our Plan? (with V. Kasturi Rangan)

The questions and ideas presented in this book will generate discussion, action and change within any organization committed to entering this conversation.