Attracting Your Dream Job: Are You in Your Own Way

Too many people settle for mediocrity, they’re not interested at all in success in their work or life. These are the people who end up stuck in a rut and working in a spiritually and mentally unfulfilling job. Rather than going for success, or for what they really want to do, there is always some reason for why they cannot attain their dream career or life experience.
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Sample Resume Proposal Letter

Mr. James Jones
Jones Restaurant
2197 E. 8th Street
City, CA 90000

Dear Mr. Jones,
I would like to make a proposal to you – regarding the advertised position of [insert title].
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How to Use Postcards for Self Promotion

In today’s market, most are focused on using websites and articles to promote their business online. As the internet continues to expand, failing to cultivate an online marketing strategy could prove fatal.

However, building a business online should not distract you from traditional marketing methods, because meeting people, networking, and relying upon your local area is still a solid foundation for any marketing campaign. [Read more…]

7 Killer Marketing Strategies for Finding a Great Job!

During economic slow downs, a growing pool of talented individuals chase an ever-diminishing number of jobs. Pushing to the head of the queue is difficult, but becoming a successful candidate is a matter of adapting some of your existing skills. Job-hunting is not the time for false modesty, as you are selling the most valuable product of all: Yourself.
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10 Tips For Finding a Job – in a Hurry!

Does your resume stand out from the rest of the applicants and create a lasting impression? As unemployment creeps upward, finding a job becomes more difficult. Most employers simply do not have time to wade through a stack of hundreds of applications and will try to trim the list quickly. [Read more…]

Getting Hired: The Top 5 Things That Make Employers Say ‘Yes’

No matter what your current position, look at how you contribute to your employer’s success and keep a list of your wins, of your success in work. When it comes time to interviewing with a prospective employer, you’ll be prepared to show how your experience and strengths support their concerns.

A good resume, along with successful interviewing, addresses employer buying motivators.

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Interview Thank You Letter

Quick Tips

– Keep your letter short.

– Send your thank-you letter within 24 hours of the interview, via email, mail, fax, or deliver by hand to the receptionist. The faster the letter arrives, the greater the likelihood of creating a positive and lasting impression.

– If you email your thank-you note, follow up with a more formal mailed letter.
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Does Your Resume Qualify for ‘Top-of-Mind’ Status?

Do you have the kind of resume that recruiters love to send their clients?

Have you polished your resume so that it stands out from the crowd? People reading your resume don’t really care if you did the job you’re applying for – so did all the other candidates competing for the same position. [Read more…]

Is Your Interview Performance Helping or Hurting?

If you’re a candidate, we hope you are preparing for the interview before you sit down with a hiring manager. Part of your preparation should include considering the kinds of questions you will be asked at the interview, and then thinking through your answers well in advance of the interview.
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