10 Powerful Phrases That Can Move Mountains

10 Powerful Phrases

Rick DeVos, cofounder of Amway, successful businessman, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, offers his wisdom on keeping a positive attitude, in his book: Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People:

  1. I’m Wrong
  2. I’m Sorry
  3. You Can Do It
  4. I Believe in You
  5. I’m Proud of You
  6. Thank You
  7. I Need You
  8. I Trust You
  9. I Respect You
  10. 10.  I Love You

How to End Meeting Madness – Forever!

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Groom Yourself to be a Master Communicator

Communication skills – it’s critical for your success in work, and it’s on the top of hiring managers’ lists when interviewing and assessing candidates for employment.

The problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
– George Bernard Shaw

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How to Get What You Want – One Conversation at a Time

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