Blogging: The Ultimate Brand Builder

Blogging has taken the internet by storm, as a way to share thoughts and information and market individuals and businesses online. Blogs have many uses, from acting as an online diary for individuals, to driving business to a website.

Marketing yourself, or your company, is the key to success, and setting up a blog creates a strong online presence – if it’s done well. A blog broadens your network, communicates your brand, displays your products/services, and demonstrates expertise in a subject area.

From celebrities and politicians to news agencies and large organizations, everybody seems to have a blog. If you’re unemployed, or seeking new employment, writing a daily blog post empowers you, making sure that you keep busy and maintain momentum. More importantly, building a personal blog focuses your effort, through creating a brand image and allowing you to display your skills and interests. Anybody can say that they are a manager or a chef; sharing expertise in a daily blog shows the substance behind your title. Ultimately, a well-constructed blog shows your readers that you provide great value.

First steps

Before we address the mechanics of setting up a blog, spend a little time preparing, making sure that your efforts are focused.

a) Passion: You must be passionate about your chosen topic, because this shines through in your writing. If you are an expert on a topic, then you will be able to write posts off the top of your head. Even if you have a lot to learn about the subject, the discipline of writing a daily blog will give you the impetus to learn. Immersing yourself in a subject area, researching information, and distilling it into a readable post is the best way to learn, and develop a natural and authentic writing style.

b) Goals: Clarify your vision for the blog and set out what you hope to achieve. For most, it will be displaying your knowledge and showing that you have creativity, self-discipline and initiative.

c) Objectives: Establish your target audience and think about how you will reach them.

Getting Started With Blogging

1) Choose The Domain Name: A well-chosen domain name helps you to establish a brand image and makes you easier to find. There are two schools of thought about this:

a) Register your name as a dotcom. With this approach, you need to market your individual or company name and make sure that your e-mails, business cards, and headed notepaper include the address. Here’s a link where you can register your domain name……

b) Use a keyword-based name, which will boost you up the search engine rankings. For example, if you are a professional Event Manager seeking employment, you could use a domain name such as:, or, using the ‘keywords’ that people are likely to search for.

For more information on How to Choose a Domain Name:

2) Build Your Blog. You have three options:

a) Sign up for a free blog on,, or WordPress is a great solution; it is the most popular blogging platform in the world and has an easy content management system, making it easy for you to add pages and blog posts.

b) Build a custom blog using your own domain name. If you want complete control over your design, use your own dotcom name, rather than the free option, and hire a website designer.

c) Use an online service that offers low cost monthly fee options. The downside of this is that design options are usually limited and less professional in appearance. In addition, you will be required to pay a monthly fee for as long as you want your blog online, which can soon add up.

3) Brand Image: Identify your brand image and keep your blog design style consistent with your personal branding.

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